Monday, August 24, 2009

Home is where your story begins

Well Summer is almost over and my youngest just went back to his mothers for School. What a difference two years make. Last time I creid for hours that I was losing my kids again. Had a great summer every once and while my alcoholic thinking would take over and want to plan big expensive weekends, but someone would real me in. usually my oldest who is still living with me, not working, not going to college. He better find a job soon!!!

I'm in the process of moving. My parents and I bought 18 acres out in farm county. I moved a mobile home on it, along side the older trailer that was already there, now I'm trailer trash, but sober and happy. My Fiancee is looking for a job down here in Appleton, YES I'm engaged.

...We will know a new found freedom, we will not regret the past, or wish to shut the door on it,,, i never thought I would be there. But today by the grace of GOD and the Fellowship of AA i walk and smile and hold my head high. Everyday I find out somthing new about myself and grow some more. i miss blogging buat I started to replace meeting with it and the bothered me. I sat here once and thought "What sounds good?" I never thought about that before, I usuallky talked about my E.S.H. or pain. Pain is such a could moviator. I'm still in Pain, but I share with my sponsor and Home group member, i even call my good old sober brother from Ohio, Sober nuggets Scott.

the fellowship keeps growing, I keep on coming back just in case that newcomer that needs help walks through those doors like I did 32 months ago,,,,,,,,GOD I love my new life.

Back to packing,,,out by the First,,,A Bunch of Alcholics are helping me move imagine that!!!

Peace Love and Kissing

Sober Steve