Sunday, August 8, 2010

still around

I'm still around the tables of aa, not from my own doing, but from the strength of the great people I call friends. I still ask every morning for help, and Thank GOD at the end of the day for keeping me sober, It's just that easy. I throw my self will and lack of control into the mix and make life so flipping much worse. I do that and goto meeting and dint drink just for today, I'll be ok. Soon if I leave my will in bed maybe I can have a gr8 day. Right now I'm still hell bent on destruction.

Take care my peeps
Ur sober BRO


Monday, March 15, 2010


When two people say it must be true. I need to make a gratitude list!!

Today I'm grateful for the fellowship that has keep me sober this last week
Great Sponsorship
Being sober
Being sober
Being Sober
Both boys here with me this week
Being Sober
My HP,,, even though I can't turn it over