Monday, March 15, 2010


When two people say it must be true. I need to make a gratitude list!!

Today I'm grateful for the fellowship that has keep me sober this last week
Great Sponsorship
Being sober
Being sober
Being Sober
Both boys here with me this week
Being Sober
My HP,,, even though I can't turn it over


An Irish Friend of Bill said...

nice to see you posting steve :)
Hope alls well ever where you are..

Scott said...

being sober :-) it all starts there! I am glad you're feeling better bro... sorry I haven't returned your calls. I tried to the other day and got a goofy busy signal and gave up, moving on to other business of the day. But, know that I pray for you often!

much love and well wishes coming your way!

M. Edison Bayer said...

today I am grateful for:

having a relationship with my higher power
having a sponsor
sponsoring a newcomer
being sober
the view of the ocean outside my window
my dogs
earning money
passing the California State Bar Exam
i wasn't tired when i woke up this morning
that today is friday
that i am not sick
bananas in my cereal

Bridgette said...

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Sylvia said...

Steve, it's been a long time. Dropped by to see how you were doing and it looks like you are good. I am so glad to hear that. Best of luck to you.

so-and-so said...

Hi! Great blog! I'm sorry to contact via comments, but I didn't see an e-mail address.

I recently started an anonymous blog and would like to know if I can add you to my blogroll, here:

Also - I'm taking a poll: Is internet addiction real?

Would you be interested in posting it so I can get feedback from your readers?

Have a blessed day