Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Coming soon to a Blog near you.

"To stay in Place would be certain Death....."

To stay in Place would mean Certain Death!!! What power words. These words were said by some politician in Texas towards the people that were not leaving before Ike hit. WOW!!! stay in place,,,certain death. Until i admitted that I was powerless over alcohol i continued to stay in place,,If I did nothing I would die. He was talking to people to leave their house, for me those words make the hair on my neck stand up. I face that decision everyday. Stay in place and Die, or move and work the steps that so many have showed me how to work. If I choose to get of my coach and be a member of AA, go to meeting, be of service, talk to the newcomer I move forward. I contain to grow spirtically as long as I do what I have been told to do. Go to meeting, be of service, read the big book, and get a home group and TALK to my sponsor.

I can not afford to be complacent in my recovery I must move forward to do otherwise would mean certain death.

Thank you for being here today for me

Peace hugs and kisses

Monday, September 8, 2008

Today I'm Greatfull

Today is a Great Dy to be Alive

Today I'm Great full for my Higher Power
Today I'm Great full to had the chance to celebrate my Mom's 70th B-day
Today I'm Grate full to have had my kids all Summer and watch them grow into young men
Today I'm Great full for the knowledge that Alcohol doesn't fix things
Today I'm Great full For the understanding from my Girlfriend
Today I'm Great full to always be learning from others
Today I'm Great full to drive without worries
Today I'm Great full AA all over the World
Today I'm Great full for my Blogger AA'a helping me stay sober for another 24 hours

Today I'm Grateful to be STEVE

Today I'm Grateful to feel Love,,,

Today I'm Great full for my own forgiveness

GOD this feels good, been a long time since I did a list

Peace hugs and Kisses